Milkhaus kicks off network series ‘Xpedition China: The Search for Shangri La’

Milkhaus collaborates with Breakwater Entertainment on a new 13-part series for National Geographic, Discovery Velocity, and CCTV that explores the hidden side of China. Dave Krahling heads our in-house team that provides finish post for the show.

Host Keith Neubert embarks on a motorcycle journey through the largest cities to the most remote areas of this vast country, learning the customs, revealing its treasures, and connecting the Chinese way of life with our own.

See places that have never been shown to the Western World, learn about Shaolin Kung Fu, and explore the habitat of the Giant Panda. It is all in this exciting series that begins airing on October 19th on Discovery Velocity.  National Geographic and CCTV begin airing the series in January 2014.

Tune in to Discovery Velocity at 9:30 am ET/PT tomorrow (October 19th) to watch the first episode of Xpedition China: The Search for Shangri La: “HOG Rally / Shaolin Temple”.