Downtown Denver

Produced by Cinema Vertige
Post Production by Milkhaus
For more information, please visit Cinema Vertige


  • Directed by: Alexandre O. Philippe
  • Cinematography by: Robert Muratore, Alexandre O. Philippe
  • Editing / Compositing by: Dave Krahling
  • Audio / Sound Design by: Phillip Lloyd Hegel
  • Original Score by: John Hegel


  • 2009 Heartland Emmy – Best Director
  • 2009 Heartland Emmy – Best Cinematography
  • 2009 Heartland Emmy – Best Editing
  • 2009 Heartland Emmy – Audio / Sound Design

Commissioned by the Democratic National Convention Task Force Committee and the Downtown Denver Partnership, this artistic film devoid of dialogue conveys the essence of Denver through stunning imagery, and ultra high-resolution surround soundscape, and an 18-instrument orchestral score.