Produced by A bar K Productions
Production and Post Production by Milkhaus LLC


  • Producer: Amie Knox
  • Directors: Amie Knox and Chad Herschberger
  • Cinematographers: Chad Herschberger and Jeff Pointer
  • Editors: Chad Herschberger and Kim Shively


  • Emmy Award for Photography – Program, Heartland Region 2012
  • Telly Award for Documentary – Cultural, 2012
  • Emmy Nomination for Documentary – Cultural, Heartland Region 2012
  • Emmy Nomination for Editor – Program, Heartland Region 2012

Official Synopsis:

STILL tells the story of Clyfford Still’s remarkable life and his indelible contributions to American art. Though not as well known as his contemporaries Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, Still was one of the leaders of the Abstract Expressionist movement and deliberately turned his back on the art establishment at the height of his career. His collection of over 800 paintings and 1500 works on paper much of which has never been viewed before, will be housed at the Clyfford Still Museum, which opened in Denver in 2011. Through interviews with leading art and social historians, contemporary artists, and former students, the documentary will reveal, for the first time, the detailed and compelling story of Still’s life, the evolution of his work, and the reasons for his prominent and permanent place in American art.