The Last Campaign

Produced by Just Media
Post Production by Milkhaus

2010 Academy Award ® Nominated Documentary (Short Subject)

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  • Directed by: Daniel Junge
  • Produced by: Henry Ansbacher and Davis Coombe
  • Edited by: Davis Coombe
  • Original Score by: Gunnard Doboze

Official Synopsis:

Governor Booth Gardner is fighting his last campaign. After a care of successful political battles, including his tenure as Washington state’s most popular governor, Garnder wants to legalize physician-assisted suicide. Shortly after leaving office the governor was diagnosed Parkinson’s disease, and two decades later it is slowly deteriorating his body towards and ugly demise.

To legalize assisted suicide, Garnder and his colleagues must convince a majority of voters to vote yes on ballot initiative 1000 or “Death with Dignity”. Standing in his way are a number of individuals and groups vehemently opposed to assisted suicide.  Similar ballot initiatives have been quashed by such groups in 17 other states.

The Last Campaign of Booth Gardner is an observational documentary following behind the scenes of both sides in this contentious campaign and is an intimate portrait of a man fighting his own physical deterioration to pass the legislation and solidify his legacy.