They Killed Sister Dorothy

Produced by Just Media
Post Production by Milkhaus

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  • Directed by: Daniel Junge
  • Produced by: Henry Ansbacher and Nigel Nobel
  • Co-Producer/Camera: Marcela Bourseau
  • Edited by: Davis Coombe
  • Narrated by: Martin Sheen
  • Original Song written and performed by: Bebel Gilberto
  • Composed by: Pedro Bromfman

Official Synopsis:

On February 12th, 2005, a 73-year old nun from Ohio was shot 6 times and left to die on a muddy road deep in the Amazon. Her murder shocked the world and revealed a sordid battle in the Brazilian rainforest.  Who was she?  What are the complex factors that led to her murder? And what will be done about it? The answers may hold the key to the future of the rainforest itself.

THEY KILLED SISTER DOROTHY follows the powerful real-life courtroom drama at the trials of her killers and explores the conflicts in the Amazon that led to that fateful day.