Game On

Interview Mockups

These mock-ups show the creation of rudimentary 3d worlds that we can position to match camera and track the camera if needed. Gives Production some leeway if a moving shot is desired. The general concept is to emulate different styles of video games over the years. With this mock-up style, the Interviewee is left in a more realistic rendering. Filtered light areas in the environment will also have more realistic and cleaner lines,  whereas shadows will fall off into the game rendering, such as 8-bit visual style.
For rendering on interviewee legs:
A layer of FX could be added to transition wide shots of interviewee into the 8-bit world on their legs and feet, as a way to connect them with the environment.
Fuji Environment A Cam WS without 8-bit transition on interviewee
Fuji Environment A Cam WS with 8-bit transition on interviewee
Fuji Environment B Cam MS
Arcade Environment A Cam WS with 8-bit transition on interviewee
Arcade Environment B Cam MS

Lower Third Samples

Interview subjects’ lower thirds reflect the time period they are speaking to, and refine as the eras become more modern.

Period 1 Samples

This version mimics game style

This version mimics game style, and adds in mimicking some game play

Period 2 Sample
Period 3 Sample

Previous Work Samples

Composite Reel
78/52 Interview Composite Excerpt
Graphics Reel
Other Title Samples
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