Citizens Unite!

Produced by Milkhaus
Client: Center on Congress


  • Director: Chad Herschberger
  • Producer: Cathy Trekloff
  • Art Director/Character Design/Animator: Scott Brooks
  • Composite Artist/Animator: James Duree
  • Background Artist: Neil Krolicki
  • Talent provided by Radical Artists Agency:
  • Hal Rayle (Francis, Paul, and James Madison)
  • Genevieve Baer (Narrator)


  • Silver Telly Award, Art Direction, 2012
  • Silver Telly Award, Use of Animation, 2012
  • Telly Award, Children’s Audience, 2012
  • Telly Award, Education for Academic Use, 2012


This 10 minute animated educational video was produced for Indiana University’s Center on Congress and was funded in part by a grant from the Library of Congress (Teaching with Primary Sources program).  The cartoon was designed for primary and secondary schools to use as part of their civics curriculum.  The cartoon utilizes a combination of traditional cel techniques and compositing and took more than 10,000 individual drawings to complete!