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Great projects start with robust planning to bring ideas to life.



Our craft and artistry join forces with our clients’ ideas to form impactful, original stories. We excel in mean-and-lean shoots on location or in studio.

Media Management
Technical Consulting for Animation & Compositing


We provide full post-production or à la carte services.

From ingestion to delivery, and everything in between, our passion and craftsmanship can help bring your vision to life.


The Art of Storytelling

Motion Graphics
& Animation

Tweening Keyframes

Color Grading

Like Paint for Film


Clean and Enhance

& Delivery

More Than Save & Quit

78/52: Melon Scene


KOA: Afternoon


Express Wifi: Lagos, Nigeria

The Art of Storytelling


We know how to tell a good story. We couple that with a mastery of technique developed and refined over many years. Our team works in a wide spectrum of project types, leading to exciting opportunities where we can bring that diverse body of knowledge to our client’s projects and create quality pieces that will stand the test of time.

Tweening Keyframes

Motion Graphics & Animation

At Milkhaus we take your ideas even further with dynamic, original design and animation. From logo builds, titles and moves on stills to parallax photo treatments, kinetic typography and character design – motion graphics and animation take your project to the next level by adding a little flourish to your project or taking center stage.


Citizens Unite! Francis And Paul

Traditional Cel Animation to teach 3rd graders about government.


AERAS: Tuberculosis

An abstract kinetic typography animation on tuberculosis issues worldwide embracing the dot and line.



Motion graphics were made for this immersive 7 screen exhibition install to showcase ProLogis' commitment to sustainability. Excerpt from center screen.

Like Paint, For Film

Color Grading

Whether color balancing your video to give it symmetry throughout, or using color to add a custom style, we’ll work with you to make your project look great.

Clean and Enhance

Compositing & VFX

We aim to make every frame of every shot the best it can be. As compositors, our best work is done when no one notices our handiwork at all. Paint-outs, green screen, adding something that was never there, are all part of what we do to help visually make your stories come to life.

More Than Save and Quit

Mastering & Delivery

A lot of work, without the glory. The last mile in the post process, Mastering & Delivery is a critical step to ensure that all the work that came before doesn’t fail at the finish line. We deliver for the following: social media, broadcast, streaming, and theatrical. 

We Provide Services À La Carte or Soup to Nuts.

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