A Comedy Revolution

EXPERTISE:  Creative Direction | 2d Animation | Typography


The first feature-length documentary to examine the history of queer stand-up comedy, OUTSTANDING considers the importance of LGBTQ+ stand-up as an instrument for social change over the past five decades, actively reflecting and challenging cultural norms and values. Ultimately, the film reveals that queer comedians — whether they intended to or not — helped change the world, one joke at a time. 

Netflix Documentary Film

Produced by

Push It Productions
Brian Graden Media

Distributed by
Post by

Finishing by Union Editorial, Wild Woods, Revolition Media
Graphics by Milkhaus


Our graphics design approach was informed and inspired by two prevailing themes within the film: live performance and social change through the decades. By emphasizing and evoking the presence and glare of stage lights across text and backgrounds, we struck an important balance between the raw and exciting feel of live performance and the harsh reality of the extra spotlight placed on queer stand up comedians. 

In addressing a subject that spans many decades, the Director desired an aesthetic that reflected the media of the time. OUTSTANDING required working with hundreds of photos and videos to create a unified look while honoring identifiable eras.  The style also had to provide a cohesive feel throughout in connecting subjects both tough and somber or loud and comedic.

Director Page Hurwitz Writer Page Hurwitz Executive Producers Page Hurwitz, Wanda Sykes, Katherine LeBlond, Brian Graden, Dave Mace, LB Horschler Edited by Rodrigo Brazão, Jeni Matson, Giselle Murillo Cinematography Carissa Dorson Graphics Producer  Cathy Trekloff, Kerry Deignan Roy  Design Chad Herschberger, James Durée Animator Chad Herschberger, James Durée Graphics & Animation Assistant Lauren Tolfa, Abby Gibbons Executive Producer for Milkhaus  Cathy Trekloff

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