They Killed Sister Dorothy

At the mouth of the Amazon River in Belem, Brazil, a murder trial is taking place. The victim was Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73-year-old Catholic nun from Dayton, Ohio who was shot six times at point blank range. The events that led to her death and the trials that follow reveal a larger battle currently being fought for the future of the rainforest.

Just Media and HBO present THEY KILLED SISTER DOROTHY, a gripping documentary and real- life courtroom drama that reveals the true story behind the scenes of this incredible story.

2008 SXSW Grand Jury and Audience Favorite, Documentary

Distributed by HBO Produced by Just Media Post by Just Media and Milkhaus
Narrator Martin Sheen Director Daniel Junge Producer Nigel Noble Co-Producer Marcela Bourse
Associate Producers Anne Eastman and Gistavo Gelmini Camera Marcela Bourseau and Daniel Junge
Composer Pedro Bromfman Editor Davis Coombe On-Line Editors Dave Krahling and Chad Herschberger
Color-Correction Dave Krahling Assistant Editors Kim Shively and Anne Eastman