Allen v. Farrow

Four-Part Series

The four-part documentary series Allen v. Farrow, from award-winning investigative filmmakers Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering and Amy Herdy, goes behind the years of sensational headlines to reveal the private story of one of Hollywood’s most notorious and public scandals: the accusation of sexual abuse against Woody Allen involving Dylan, his then 7-year-old daughter with Mia Farrow; their subsequent custody trial; the revelation of Allen’s relationship with Farrow’s daughter, Soon-Yi; and the controversial aftermath in the years that followed.

Along with new investigative work — pieced together via intimate home movie footage, court documents, police evidence, revelatory videotapes, and never-before-heard audio tapes — the series includes exclusive interviews on the subject with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow, Ronan Farrow, family friend Carly Simon, prosecutor Frank Maco, relatives, investigators, and experts.


Allen v. Farrow also examines the effects of trauma on a family, and features prominent cultural voices exploring Allen’s body of work in a broader context and reflecting on how public revelations about the personal lives of artists can lead to re-evaluations of their work.


After filming over three years, and the Covid-19 pandemic limiting location options, new and pickup interviews were shot on green screen. The goal was to match the pickup interviews to their practically shot counterparts, and the new interviews to look like they were part of the wider collection of interviews. With a compressed timeline we built the composites in ACES and delivered in slog3, matched to the practicals, so they could be colored with the original interviews by DXD “as shot on camera” in the finishing process.

When it came to graphics; simple, clean, evidence presentation with a nod to the original medium was the goal. Highlights and fading on of elements in order of importance were used to draw the viewer to the pertinent information being given.

Documentary Series

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HBO Documentary Films
Impact Partners (in association with)
Chicago Media Project (in association with)
Artemis Rising Foundation
Jane Doe Films
The Lozen Foundation

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Finishing by Different By Design
VFX and Graphics by Milkhaus

Visual Effects

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Directors Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Executive Producers Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering, Dan Cogan, Tara Lynda Guber, Regina K. Scully, Maiken Baird, Ian Darling, Steve Cohen & Paula Froehle,The Lozen Foundation, Debbie L. McLeod, Jenny Raskin, Geralyn White Dreyfous Producer Amy Herdy and Jamie Rogers Film Editor Mikaela Shwer and Parker Laramie Cinematographer Thorsten Thielow, Thaddeus Wadleigh Post-Production Producer Kelley Whitis, Leni Herschman Title Design James Bolan, Lisa Bolan, Albert Corona Animation & Visual Effects Producer  Cathy Trekloff Series Visual Effects James Durée Series Animation Bil White, Chad Herschberger

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