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When Keith Warren, a Black man, was found hanging in the woods of Silver Spring, MD, police ruled it a suicide. For 35 years, the family attempted to find the truth, and his sister, Sherri Warren, now has one goal — to get his death certificate changed.


For this dark, gritty crime investigation we wanted to create a world that was deeply textured and layered. The time period of the events provided some inspiration, with 80’s era video noise and distortion applied to organic textures and animations of growth. This graphic space became the world in which maps, timelines and investigative documents are revealed.

Documentary Series

Produced by

Group Nine Media

Distributed by
Post by

Color and Finishing by Nice Shoes
Graphics by Milkhaus

Director Avril Z. Speaks Writer Monée Fields-White Executive Producers Avril Z. Speaks, Tom Lofthouse, Mickey Meyer, Tina Exarhos, Matt McDonough Producer Danni Conner, Monée Fields-White, Sheena Oglesby Produced by Jessica Borovay, Nicholas Veneroso Film Editor Michelle Gevoian, Colin Taylor Cinematographer Michael A. Moss Post-Production Supervisor David A. Osipowicz Graphics by Milkhaus Animation Producer  Cathy Trekloff  Graphic Designer / Animator Chad Herschberger

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