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Secrets Of The Blue Zones

Netflix Documentary Series

Travel around the world with author Dan Buettner to discover five unique communities where people live extraordinarily long and vibrant lives.

Documentary Feature

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Titles and Maps by Elastic
Interior Graphics by Milkhaus

Director Clay Jeter Executive Producers Dan Buettner, Clay Jeter, Kent Kubena, Angus Wall Co-executive Producer Rich Eckersley, Chamberlain Staub, Michael Steiner Producer Terry Leonard, Amanda Rohlke Editors Zimo Huang, Julian Robinson, Patrick Welch, James Long, J. Santos Series Cinematography  David Bolen, Brandon Somerhalder Post-Production Supervisor Scott Jackson, Stacy Kessler-Aungst  Graphics Producer for Milkhuas  Kerry Deignan Roy  Lead Designer for Milkhaus James Durée Design for Milkhaus   Chad Herschberger Lead Animator for Milkhaus James Durée Animator for Milkhaus Chad Herschberger Executive Producer for Milkhaus  Cathy Trekloff

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