Messy History of American Food

Discovery+ Original

The six-part series promises to shine a light on the messiest origin stories in American food culture. Drawing on interviews with food scientists, marketing experts and other commentators, each episode will look back at the history and evolution of a classic American food, including cereal, burgers, soda, bread, chicken wings and chocolate.


For Messy History of American Food, Milkhaus collaborated with the show’s director to complement the custom neon signs made for the series. Milkhaus created a dynamic show package for the editors that established a cohesive and engaging look and feel for the series, while providing quick flexibility for them in Premiere, capturing the show’s lively and informative exploration of American food culture.

TV Series

Produced by

Discovery Channel
Group Nine Media
Thrillist / Vox Media Group

Distributed by
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Graphics by Milkhaus

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