Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics

Ep 6. Image Comics, Declaration of Independents: Book 7 Excerpt

From the AMC series Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics, Episode 6 Image Comics: Declaration of Independents. In the early 1990’s when most of the top talent at Marvel Comics left to start their own company, the comic book world exploded, fans were regularly lined up around the block waiting for new issues. Image Comics was a new take on an established genre that took the world by storm.

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American Movie Classics (AMC)
Skybound North

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American Movie Classics (AMC)

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Director Daniel Junge Executive Producers Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst Story Producer Chad Herschberger Producer Krista Kelloway Film Editor Chad Herschberger Cinematographer Jed Klemow Animation Production Coordinator Cathy Trekloff Lead Animator and Compositor James Durée

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