Xpedition China
Series Reel & Open

Xpedition China Series Reel

Xpedition China, The Search For Shangri La is a 13 part series in which an American Explorer (Keith Neubert) embarks on a quest to find the ‘real’ Shangri La.  While traveling around China on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, Keith discovers more than just beautiful landscapes, ancient artifacts, and monuments to China’s past and growing future.  What unfolds in this series is a connection between east and west, a deeper understanding of the spiritual and physical world, and the common bond we share with all beings on this planet.

Xpedition China Open

Milkhaus combined amazing imagery and flowing elements to represent the East and mixed in a bit of our Western style to create an open design that hit the mark for this series.

Produced by Breakwater Entertainment National Geographic International, CCTV, and Discovery Velocity Post by Milkhaus
Finish Editors Dave Krahling, Patrick Huber Art Director James Durée Animation James Durée Color-Correction Dave Krahling