Captain Kirk. T.J. Hooker. Denny Crane. Big Giant Head. Alexander the Great. Henry V. Priceline’s Negotiator. These are but a handful of the innumerable masks worn by William Shatner over seven extraordinary decades onstage and in front of the camera. A peerless maverick thespian, electrifying performer and international cultural treasure, Bill (as he prefers to be called), now 91 years young, is the living embodiment of his classic line “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

As Bill steps into his destiny, YOU CAN CALL ME BILL – the first and only feature-length documentary dedicated to his life, career and philosophy – will delve into his most fervent passions, hopes and concerns, through a thematic distillation of his most recent autobiographical songs and a kaleidoscopic deep dive into the farthest reaches of his filmography, to deliver an up-close, intimate portrait of his personal journey over nine decades on this Earth. In unprecedented fashion, YOU CAN CALL ME BILL will strip away all the masks he has worn to embody countless characters, and reveal the man behind it all.

Documentary Feature

2023 SXSW World Premiere / Documentary Spotlight

Produced by

Legion M | Exhibit A Pictures


CCG Guardian Entertainment, Inc.

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a Legion M | Exhibit A Pictures production in association with CCG Guardian Entertainment Inc.
Written and Directed by Alexandre O. Philippe Produced by Kerry Deignan Roy

Producer Jeff Annison Executive Producers William Shatner David Baxter Paul Scanlan Terri Lubaroff 
Executive Producer Matthew Kemner Co-Executive Producer Ilias Morad
Director of Photography | Co-Producer Robert Muratore Edited by Dave Krahling
Original Music by Jon Hegel Sound Design by Phillip Lloyd Hegel
Colorist Dave Krahling Editor Patrick Huber Designer | Animator Chad Herschberger James Durée Graphics Assistant Lauren Tolfa Milkhaus Producer Cathy Trekloff

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